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About Us


CONCORDIA is a global organization providing repatriation services to the public as well as corporate and government bodies. Our organization works alongside embassies, consulates, government departments, and various companies worldwide to provide a service that is hardly ever beat on price and quality. Our skill, compassion and attention to detail has earned us the reputation that we have today.   

Our staff offers help and support during every step of the process of bringing the deceased home. We are experienced in dealing with various cultures, ethnicities, nationalities and traditions and our multi-lingual staff can accommodate all your needs during this difficult time.

The company was founded in 2005 by Mrs. Hatice Dolphijn, which also regularly participates in international conferences, in order to offer you a worldwide cutting-edge service. In recent years the company has organized and performed countless repatriations across the globe. Not to forget the numerous burials, which Concordia has performed locally. The global positive feedback, makes both proud, Mrs. Dolphijn and the employees of the company, too. The company owns several hearse, a separate office with a 24-hour service in the languages Turkish, German and English. Furthermore an own cold-storage room in the area of Alanya and Antalya. Outside this range, the company works together with its cooperation partners, as well as with insurance companies and undertaker's. Concordia is a member of the EFFS and FİAT IFTA.

A major issue after a death is often the legacy. Especially if the testator has had a foreign nationality and was married in Turkey. Furthermore, if the testator has had his principal residence abroad. Concordia can be your competently helping hand. This even, if through a testament the probate court is already enabled. Furthermore, when it comes to the sale of real estates and other services (see  Estate Settlements).

Concordia has no opening times. As well as Mrs. Dolphijn and her employees are with the heart around the clock and all-season throughout for you available.

You can reach they at any time at the following phone numbers:

Telephon: +90 (0) 242 511 2227
Mobile: +90 (0) 506 272 2708 and +90 (0) 533 749 5017
Fax: +90 (0) 242 511 2279
Fax: +90 (0) 242 514 3570

This not only, because of a present case of death, but rather also with open questions for your part.
f you would like, please send us an E-Mail to the following E-Mail-Addresses: info@funeralservicesturkey.com and alanyaconcordia-bestattung@hotmail.com

We, the CONCORDIA, look forward to hearing from you!

CONCORDIA is the right choice!